I was born in Sort (a little town in the Catalan Pyrenees, Spain) in 1993.

My parents introduced me to this wonderful sport, kayaking, and I have not stop practicing it until today.

I started in the kayak club of my town, practicing slalom but I was trying a bit of all disciplines.

I have competed in Slalom, Wildwater canoeing, Freestyle and Creek. My first slalom competition was in Ponts (Spain) at age of 4, and most notable result was the 10th place in them World Championships Plattling in 2012 and the 12th place in the European Freestyle Championships Lienz  in 2010.

Creek is a fun sport to a lifestyle and now I’m just interested in traveling and kayak all over the world, new rivers, new waterfalls and sharing the sport I love with the rest of the people and show what we are able to do with kayaks.

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